Town Of Brothertown
W3880 St. Charles Rd
Chilton, WI 53014

Regarding; Installation of culverts, Road Right of Way, Placement of Mailboxes and Garbage Pickup.

As you start your building project in the Town of Brothertown please be advised that a highway access permit must be obtained from the Town. The application cost is $25.00. It is your responsibility to provide a corrugated metal culvert pipe with end walls that meets Town standards and is available from either the Town or contractor. If the Town installs the culvert you will be given an estimate and billed on a time and material basis. Contact your Highway Supervisor by calling (920) 849-9008 for assistance. All accesses must preclude water at or near flow line of ditch with 3% slope from edge of asphalt.

To alleviate damage in town road right of way, please request that the electrical, gas, and telephone companies clean up the road right of way as they complete installation. Also request your general contractor that redi mix trucks be washed out on construction site not within right of way, no concrete is allowed in ditches. Any road or right of way damage incurred at your building site will be billed to the property owner and deemed their responsibility. All weight restrictions must be obeyed. No commercial hauling from March 15th thru April 15th.

As you plan your landscaping, take notice any shrubs, trees, or stones placed in road right of way are in violation of town ordinances. Any stones placed around culvert ends are also in violation.

Town road right of way extends 33 feet from the center of a Town road. It is advised when planting trees that you find it’s adult plumage and stay at least half that distance from the right of way edge. If your lot is a corner lot call for vision triangle specs. Pushing snow into the right of way is also in violation of Town ordinances.

As you set your mailbox, please be aware that the face of the mailbox must have a 48” setback from the pavement edge. If needed the town will provide adequate shoulder at no cost.

Garbage collection is provided, with pickup every other week. Recycling is picked up the last garbage collection of the month. You may choose from three different size containers at three different annual charges on your tax bill. Refer to the attached newsletter for additional information as well as the schedule. Please email [email protected] and specify your name, address and what size can you would like delivered.

If you have any questions. please contact:

Charles Schneider - Chairman:  (920) 810-1309
Logan Schmitz - Highway Supervisor:  (920) 849-9008
LeAnne Karls - Clerk: Email – [email protected] or (920) 418-0949
Delmar Buechel - Board Supervisor (920) 849-9842
Larry Propson - Board Supervisor (920) 450-6018
Lori Fhlug- Treasurer (920) 849-7073