Ordinances & Resolutions

2022-02 Ordinance to Adopt the Wisconsin Municipal Records Schedule
2022-01 Ordinance for Referendum for Appointed Town Clerk and Town Treasurer
2021-02 Ordinance Requiring Payment of Local Claims as Condition of Obtaining or Renewing Town Issued Licenses
2021-01 Ordinance Establishing Refund Policy for Overpayment of Taxes
2019-02 Ordinance Designating Town Roads as ATV/UTV Routes
2019-01 Manure Equipment Transfer Permit Ordinance
2018-02 Ordinance to Establish Fire Inspection Frequency
2018-01 Ordinance for Restricting Use & Obstruction of Town Road Right-of-Way Ditches & Embankments
2017-01 Ordinance Concerning Payment of Taxes
2017 Zoning Ordinance Town of Brothertown - Revised 03-27-2017
2015 Ordinance Amending Section 14 of TOB Zoning Ordinance
2013 Zoning Ordinance Town of Brothertown - Adopted 05-22-2013
2012-02 Ordinance - Smart Growth 2025 plan
2012-01 Ordinance to Extend Officer Terms in Response to Election Law Changes
2011-03 Amendment to Zoning Ordinance
2011-01 Wind Energy Systems Moratorium
2010-01 Provisional Liquor License Ordinance
2009-02 Parking Ordinance
2009-01 Ordinance for Map Amendment
2007-06 Zoning Amendments Regarding Non-Metallic Mining (10-15-07)
2007-05 Ordinance to Adopt the Town of Brothertown Year 2025 Comprehensive Plan
2007-04 Public Nuisance
2007-03 Temp Stay Non-Metallic Mining Apps
2007-02 Rural Numbering
2007-01 Wind Energy - Corrected
2005-03 Public Records
2005-02 Authorize Use of Citations
2005-01 Ordinance Amending Zoning Ordinance
2004-02 Uniform Dwelling Code
2004-01 Ordinance to create plan commission
2003-01 Ordinance Regulating Access to Town Roads
2001-02 Dog Ordinance
2001-02 Control of Dogs
2001-01 Mineral Extraction Operation
2000-04 Inspectors at Polling Places
2000-03 Ordinance to Amend Zoning Ord Relating to Telecommunication Facilities
2000-02 Ordinance to adoopt alternate members for board of review
2000-01 Ordinance relating to confidentiality of income and expenses
1998-01 Ordinance to Regulate Overnight Parking
1997-01 Placement of Newspaper Boxes
1996-01 Nudity Ordinance
1992-01 Combining Wards
1989-01 Recycling Ordinance
1987 Restriction of use and obstruction of ditches
1987 Restricting use and obstructions of ditches
1982-01 Amendment
1980-01 Regulating Assemblage of Large Numbers of People
1975 Regulate Traffic Signs & Stops